Predictive Texting in Gaelic

(Teacsadh ro-innseach!)

Predictive TextIn a joint project bewteen Prof Kevin Scannell from St Louis University, Michael Bauer of Goireasan Gàidhlig Akerbeltz and a British company called KeyPoint Technologies who develop Open Source software, a new tool has been developed that enables predictive texting in Gaelic on any Android phone - totally free of charge.

The project started last year and the Gaelic app was launched - how appropriate is that - on Oidhche Shamhna! The tool also includes other languages such as English and as a result, it’s really easy switching between languages too. According to the Irish technology group Nascanna.com, it’s the best tool of its kind there is at the moment!

It’s available from the Google Play store, just search for “Adaptxt”. For a bit of extra guidance, visit Fòram na Gàidhlig (with lots of screenshots).

And if you’re a language nut - you can also get it in Irish and Manx Gaelic!