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Gaelic Charts


What are they?

A pair of laminated, double-sided cards, which illustrate some of the trickiest grammatical features of modern Scottish Gaelic - useful sources of reference both for fluent speakers and learners of the language.


Can't I get all this anyway in dictionaries and grammars?

Yes, and no. The information is certainly available, but there is no single source that provides all this information in a condensed, highly portable format using GOCII. Some other unique features are:

Where can I buy them?

We're happy to post them to you direct (£4.50/set+p&p). Please contact us. A wholesale price is available upon request. Alternatively, orders can be made online with the Gaelic Books Council or by calling in person to their shop:

32 Mansfield Street, Glasgow, G11 5QP

0141 337 6211