This teaching system began in Israel in the 1940s and has been continuously developed since then. Today, it is also being used successfully by our Celtic neighbours in Brittany and Wales. Each session is designed to allow someone with no experience of teaching to be effective in sharing their own Gaelic with others. And the Ùlpan project, which has independent tutors all over the country, is keen to develop employment opportunities for Gaelic speakers.

Thie cost of training is £400, with VAT applied to places paid for by organisations. Some are eligible to use an SDS Individual Learning Account as well. Speak to us in any case as there are often various routes to funding and we're keen to help you find them.

You can train, so long as you are:


It's an entirely practical course; a good mixture of new skills and observation of others as they teach. Our team will endeavour to find the best route to accreditation for each individual.

Just like learning to drive, it's best to start a class (or classes!) as soon as possible after accreditation. There's ongoing support from Deiseal to find employers - such as the Gaelic Iomairtean, colleges, and councils - or to set up independent classes if you prefer to work for yourself. But wherever it is, our team is always ready to help you with every aspect of teaching and administration.

If you would like to become a tutor or want more information about Ùlpan, then please contact oidean@ulpan.co.uk.